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Program / Type: Residential

Location:Gölbaşı, Ankara


Assc.Prof.Gizem Deniz Guneri

Ins.Meral Özdengiz Başak

Res.Asst. Bengisu Derebaşı

Res.Asst. Serdar Erişen


2020-2021 I Fall - Architectural Design I

«…if one divides the other space by movable walls, i feel that all legitimate living purposes can be accommodated»

(Mies van der Rohe “Concerning My Block” in bau und Wohnung, p 77. Fritz Neumeyer, the Artless Word, p. 259) 

flathorizontalplanes is a living unit designed for comprehending and responding to both programmatic and anthropometric requirements in architectural design in the context of a living unit which also portrays a working millieu.  

It is located  on the lakeside and expected to accomodate the daily routines of a researcher -who will explore and experiment the area- and his/her partner.

The proposed design solves this program in a flexible and adaptable manner with comprehensive architectural spaces created inside and outside of the unit. It appreciates the nature of the flat roof and enlivens it as much as possible with a great view, a study area and a terrace-like meeting point.
Besides all, these concepts are complemented with promenades taking the inhabiters through the main road and designed deck; thus, directly connect them to both.

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