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Program / Type: Music School (Conservatory)

Location: Besiktas, Istanbul, Turkey

Year: 2021-2022 Spring


Assc.Prof.Haluk Zelef

Ins.Yavuz Ozkaya

Res.Asst.Melih Cin

Res.Asst.Zeynep Yılmaz


2021-2022 I Spring - Architectural Design IV

With the holistic attitude brought to the historical fragments on the site, enCOunters aims to create new cross-sections for both citizens, conservatory students and academicians that can be experienced by encounters created by the relations of open and closed spaces.


By preserving the green and historically layered image of the site, the need for the musicians and performers to be together is met by offering common open spaces and squares between architectural spaces placed on the sides of the main alley. By establishing different relationships with the encounter squares, architectural spaces, and alley; an architectural attitude that creates spatial continuity between different historical fragments, new additions and the main street has been revealed

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