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Besides being a licenced volleyball player for Arkas SK for 8 years, I played in National Beach Volleyball Team and Izmir All-Star Team -which we ranked the first in the country. Prior to switching to volleyball -particularly thanks to my mother- I played basketball at DSI Basketball team for a few years as a junior. After 8 years of being a player, now, I took up tennis as quite an amateur one who would rather choose to play on green Wimbeldon but never gets to that point. Most and most importantly!! As a life-long outdoor runner (not a rug though..) I try to keep up with my Watch (telling me about my fitness routine has changed - in a negative way) and discover new trails anywhere in the world.

Some selected awards include:
- “Anadolu Yıldızları” All-star League 1st place in Turkiye, 2014 
- 4th place in Turkiye, June 2014 
- Turkish National Beach Volleyball Team, August 2014 
- 1st place in Izmir, May 2015

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