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Portfolio & Resume


I got your request and will be forwarding you my portfolio & resume in a few minutes, hours or days.


"Junior Me" Curriculum Futurum (CF)

I know it is weird to share a document of this kind as it’s not common and it’s not what we’re used to.

Even though the existing mechanisms didn’t support these sorts of compilements, I used to write my un/successes down as soon as I got over them. Thus, I always used to feel the passion and igniting power of success inside me. It never boosted me more than necessary, but it always made sure that I was on the move and the way, working hard with no “unproductive” breaks. As I found this “Junior Me” document in Turkish in the dusty, old files, I immediately felt an urge to turn it into English to publish. Here it is... The most truthful and naive document of my “grown-up” life.



  • 10.2023 / started graduate studies at TU Munich.

  • 08.2023 / spent 2 months in did-deutsch Institute Munich to excel in German.

  • 07.2023 / terminated the METU campus food blog @odtudeyemek

  • 07.2023 / graduated as the second highest ranked student in the METU Faculty of Architecture (B.Arch)

  • 07.2023 / attended AA Visiting School "In Other Latitudes" on scholarship

  • 06.2023 / co-held an exhibition documenting METU Campus as the product of course#524 @CerModern

  • 05.2023 / decided on the first part of the story. I will be in Munich this year!

  • 05.2023 / obtained scholarship to pursue master's studies at TUM.

  • 05.2023 / obtained Erasmus+ Mobility Grant (declined)

  • 03.2023 / worked in an international collaborative project led and funded by WIZO Haifa

  • 09.2022 / started to brainstorm about the graduation project

  • 09.2022 / attended AA Visiting School "Tales of Hestia, Hearth and Stove" on full scholarship

  • 06.2022 / attended Nesin Architecture Summer school by SO? Architecture and Ideas

  • 06.2022 / started to work at Arcelik Global to develop integrated smart-home energy managament solutions in an interdisciplinary team of four

  • 02.2022 / started to work as an intern architect in slasharchitects

  • 09.2021 / co-organized EASA (European Architecture Student Assembly) in Turkey.

  • 08.2021 / started to work as an intern field architect at Folkart Vega project

  • 08.2021 / finalist of eib (Aegean Exporters' Associations) Ezberbozan Design Contest

  • 07.2021 / attended Rammed Earth Workshop by MONOEARTH

  • 2019 / achieved three different merit-based scholarships throughout the bachelor's education

  • 2018 / started quality coffee and food blog @oncekahvem

  • 07.2018 / attended Nesin Architecture Summer School by architects and artists

  • 08.2018 / ranked amongst the 500 people in the nationwide university exam in three different categories

  • 06.2018 / graduated from high school as a valedictorian on full scholarship

  • 09.2018 / ended professional volleybal career and switched to being an ameteur tennis player

  • 2016-2017 / mathematics high-school research project selected for exhibition by Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK) + completed a chemistry project on renewable bio-energy

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